The article explores the process of deployment of the crisis in the financial sector of the economy in the United States in late 2007 and early 2008. Discusses ways to maintain liquidity in the banking crisis. It is concluded that as a result of the unprecedented financial crisis that has gripped the United States banking system, efficient use of traditional instruments of the current liquidity and solvency of the banking institutions. Analyses the main features of the context in which the decision had been taken on the use of a fundamentally new approach to the FED'S monetary policy to ensure the stability of the financial sector of the United States and the national economy as a whole, policies, which later was called the policy of quantitative easing (QE - Quantitative easing). Analyses the factors that have led to the introduction of QE 2 and QE 3. On the basis of the analysis provides an overall evaluation of the policy of quantitative easing and its consequences for the global financial system. Analyses the effects of the massive issue United States FED. It is concluded that in the context of a paper currency standard has the ability to localize the inflation within the stock market and the derivatives market. And this, as it is known, allows the company to evaluate its impact is positive. It is concluded that the growth of stock indices in 2013, more than 25%, as a result of this monetary emission and manifestation of inflation in financial market.


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