The «green economy» conception is analyzed in the article. The necessity of its development in terms of globalization is based. The «green economy» conception would resolve social, financial, fuel, climate and other problems in complex way and achieve not only the quantitative growth, but also significant qualitative and real improvements. The positive and negative aspects of «green economy’s» influence on foreign trade relations between countries are identified. A transition to a new economic system carries the potential economic benefits to developing countries, as it opens new opportunities for export. Simultaneously, the development of «green economy» conceals the danger of «green protectionism» that affects the prospects for growth in individual countries. The analysis of the existing «green economy» conception has made it possible to offer a new stage of its development, aimed at the welfare of society and social safeguards, and at the same time, reduction of environmental risks and deficits. Successful implementation of a new global «green» line depends on the revision of foreign policy, which will provide an opportunity for countries to lay the foundations of the world transition to a more stable economic system.


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