Developed a three-factor linear economic and mathematical model based on the data of the one of industrial enterprises of Ukraine. Researched the relationship between consumption of main raw materials, consumption of energy resources, the amount of output produced as independent variables and the cost of production as the dependent variable. Identified the presence of the interdependence between the reduction in the use of the main raw materials and energy and the reduction of the level of production costs, as a result of resource saving measures in an industrial enterprise. Checked the quality, accuracy and adequacy of the resulting model, the importance of independent factors and their relationship to the level of the dependent variable. Defined the confidence intervals which were determined by the interval estimation of the model. Predicted the level of annual cost of goods manufactured, which can be achieved under the condition of the reduction in consumption of raw materials and energy and the constant volume of output. Obtained the model of high quality, which makes possible calculation of the economic effects of the introduction of resource-saving measures on industrial enterprises and short-and long-term forecasts.


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