The article the evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising methods physiological control are described. All stages of planning advertising company are analyzed and the features of evaluating the effectiveness of advertising on each of them (development of the general concept of the campaign, the development of the concept of advertising messages, media development strategy for the campaign, determine the effectiveness of advertising campaigns) are described. Namely a phased process of evaluating the effectiveness of advertising and application of physiological control at various stages of evaluating the effectiveness of advertising are described. Physiological method of control is the most difficult and require the use of high-tech equipment are proved. Methods of physiological control (neuroimaging, fMRI, Eye-Tracking, Pupillometry, galvanometer, audiometry, methods allocate complex simulations) are considered. In particular, the advantages and disadvantages of physiological control are defined. Attention on limiting the use of these methods in advertising research is focused. The conclusions and recommendations the usefulness of certain methods of physiological monitoring in various stages of evaluating the effectiveness of advertising are regarded.


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