The work analyses the main directions of increase of resource potential of Ukrainian banks. The work are determined by minimizing risks of using electronic financial Internet services. A compilation of key terms passive transactions of banks. The traditional way increase of resource potential associated with the development of the branch network. Under the resource potential of commercial bank we understand the limits of possibility to form their resources. Resource potential is the maximum of the resources that the Bank can draw on the financial market, provided additional investment in the development of the branch network. It depends on the monetary policy of the Central Bank, the status of the financial market and the ability of the Bank to buy resources on the territory of the country where it is located. The resources funds of commercial bank is defined by us as the maximum size of credit resources, which the Bank can get at their disposal within the territory covered by the activities of a particular branch, provided you have competition from other banks or their branches. Our Research shows creation new brings gives profit only profit of population from 500 to 1500 dollar USA. Development of electronic financial Internet services is solutions of the problem.


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