As a result of the conducted research relevance of a problem of the organization of an adequate control system by risks and risky capital investments in the Ukrainian organizations and the enterprises is proved. Forms of the organization of a risk management at large, medium-sized and small enterprise are defined. Need of development of the mechanism of a risk management on the Ukrainian enterprises is proved; factors forming the mechanism of risk management in modern conditions are revealed and considered, among which the author noted: variability of the prices, globalization of the commodity and financial markets, tax asymmetry, unsatisfactory introduction in production of results of scientific and technical progress, excessive interest by the domestic enterprises in insurance institution as a in instrument of risk minimization. The relation to a prognostication as to a preventive measure in risk management structure is proved. The results of the research which have been finished to practical recommendations, can be used at introduction and the subsequent improvement of the mechanism of risk management of various managing subjects.


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