World economic science considers household as one of the main components that form the economy of any country. Studies of household behaviour play an important role in understanding the development of modern economic processes on the macro level. The economic system that consists of two economies: Russian Federation and Ukraine was studied with a help of using the econometric modelling. Simultaneous equation system model that describes the mutual influence of the economic policies of Russia and Ukraine on their household systems was built. During the research of the mutual influence of the economic policies of partner countries there were held five simulation experiments based on the constructed model. As a result of experimentation there were obtained values of key macroeconomic indicators of Russia and Ukraine, according to the baseline and shock scenarios. Built simultaneous equation system model allows to investigate the behavior of households and methods to influence them internationally. Proposed model will help to research better the impact of the economic policies of governments of the Russian Federation and Ukraine on the aggregated behavior of these countries households.


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