The article deals with the assessment of the company to study the feasibility and necessity of its integration with other companies. The use of a systematic approach to this assessment is offered as using this principle is considered as a system object, which in turn, is a set of interrelated elements that have properties emergentness (property owned by the system as a whole, but which does not have its individual elements themselves). Algorithm of searching the integral indicator for companies to use it on a same scale is proposed. This algorithm includes elements of the method of expert estimations, namely, determining the necessary number of experts for assessment consistency checking their thoughts using the coefficient of concordance for not only quqntitative but also qualitative analysis of the data, the mechanism of selection coefficients for further calculations and finding their weight, finding the integral indicator that makes it possible to assess the state of the dynamics, compare it with other companies and predict activity in subsequent periods. Relevant calculation on the basis enterprises in Ukraine in the field of mechanical engineering is presented.


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