Abstract: The global development of the information technologies placed new challenges inform the business organizations. In the dynamically developing conditions of continuous scientific and technical progress they are defining the directions of business conduction. In the virtual space most of them are related to business processes management on the grounds of information exchange. In the corporate practice this approach finds increasing application and defines the conceptive basis of the so called electronic business. In particular its purpose is brought to the best utilization of the possibilities to integrate the modern technologies in the business. From this point of view it includes a number of activities and procedures for optimization of the business processes in and out of the organization. Established on the grounds of the correspondent information and communication relations, the electronic business is a major factor for designing the information net through which the relations with the customers, suppliers, personnel and the associates could be refined. In this sense the purpose of the present report is related to identifying the prerequisites for the application of the electronic business in reengineering conditions.


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