The possibilities of crowd-technology application in marketing activities of enterprises were considered in the article. It was analysed the nature of formation crowdsourcing phenomenon. Distinctions outsourcing and crowdsourcing were considered, the main of which is the employment process crowdsourcing wide range of people, unbounded by one organization, on the basis of a public offer. In the article it was also discussed the direction of application of crowd-technologies in marketing of enterprises. The authors analyse the process of applying crowd-technology in the marketing of the company. Proposed double direction of application – there were crowdsourcing as a strategy "Crowd is a partner" and crowdmarketing - strategy "Crowd is a consumer". Strategy of crowdmarketing was developed, that implied managing customer communities, customer communications management model in the network and marketing techniques on the Internet. The main result of the crowdmarketing strategy is to get the client as a partner, whose interaction with other users was strengthening managements influence.


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