This article analyzes the process of transnationalization and global transformations in terms of leading economic theories.

In this article the theoretical and methodological basis of the concepts of globalization, transnationalization and their main link – transnational corporations are viewed. Development and evolution bases of the process of globalization of the world economy and the main characteristics of each stage are researched. General methodological approaches in the study of global transformation are defines. Also three great eras of globalization are examined, which started from the voyage of Columbus and continues in modern times. The basic economic theories and their influence on the definition of the concepts of transnationalization and globalization are disclosed. The basic theories of TNCs of the 20th century are viewed. Based on the study concepts of globalization in terms of the existing economic theories, it was determined the effect of each school on the structure of the process of globalization and transnationalization. The article provides theoretical and methodological basis of influence of global changes on transnationalization. Information on the geographic structure of multinational companies and the further development trends is provided.

Keywords: globalization, transnationalization, transnational corporations, economic theories.


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